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Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Have you been injured in an accident due to someone else’s careless or wrongful behavior? I understand that it can be an incredibly challenging and overwhelming experience. The physical and emotional toll, along with the financial burdens, can seem insurmountable. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. My firm is here to guide you through this difficult time. 

With my past experience working on behalf of defendants and insurance companies fighting against injured people, I truly and extensively understand the process, strategies, and tools to navigate any and all challenges. I am well aware of how insurance companies operate and attempt to minimize injuries and damages.

California personal injury laws exist to protect victims of negligence and see that those responsible are held accountable. Whether you’ve endured bodily harm, faced hefty medical bills, suffered property damage, or even lost a loved one, I’m here to help. Antaramian Law, APC is committed to offering compassionate representation and comprehensive guidance to clients in their personal injury and accident cases. 

As a practiced California personal injury lawyer who previously worked with and for insurance companies, I can evaluate every detail of your personal situation and enlighten you about your possible legal options to recover damages. In addition, I will continuously advocate for your best interests and help you pursue fair compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost income, any additional pain and suffering, and other available damages. 

Antaramian Law, APC proudly serves clients across Los Angeles, California, and in other communities throughout southern California in counties including Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Kern.

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Understanding Personal Injury Law

Personal injury is an aspect of law which covers injuries and accidents, such as motorcycle accidents, that results in bodily and emotional harm to the victims. In California, personal injury laws are designed to protect individuals – and help recover financial compensation – for injuries to themselves or their property caused by the negligence or carelessness of someone else. 

Personal Injury Claims in California

California is an at-fault state. Under the state's at-fault system, the person who caused the personal injury or accident (the at-fault party) will be held civilly and financially responsible for medical costs, property damages, and other accident-related expenses suffered by the injured persons. However, to pursue damages after a personal injury or accident, the claimant must prove fault and establish liability that the incident was caused by the negligent party's actions. 

Pure Comparative Negligence in California

Furthermore, California follows the "pure comparative negligence" rule. According to the system, the contribution of the injured party to the injury or accident doesn't bar them from seeking compensation. However, the total damages that may be recovered will be reduced by the victim's fault percentage. 

For instance, if the court awards $60,000 in total damages against the at-fault party but finds you to be 10% liable for your injuries or the accident, your compensation will be reduced by $6,000 (10% of $60,000). As a result, you may only be eligible to recover $54,000. 

According to California's pure comparative negligence principle, you will still be entitled to recover damages—even if you were up to 99% at fault for the injury or accident. 

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitation for most personal injury cases in California is two years from the date the injury or accident occurred. This means that the plaintiff must bring a civil action to recover damages within two years of the accident or injury (California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1). 

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

In order to recover damages for your personal injury, you can proceed by: 

  • Filing a first-party injury claim with your own insurance carrier 

  • Filing a third-party claim against the at-fault party's insurer 

  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party in civil court 

An experienced California personal injury attorney can determine the best way to proceed with your claims and help recover your deserved compensation. 

Damages Available

When pursuing a personal injury claim, it's crucial to understand the range of damages that may be available to you. Personal injury victims in California may be eligible to recover the following damages: 

  • Medical expenses, including ongoing and future medical treatment 

  • Lost income and benefits 

  • Replacement or repair of damaged property 

  • Loss of enjoyment of life 

  • Disfigurement 

  • Diminished earning capacity 

  • Costs of living with a disability 

  • Loss of consortium 

  • Pain, discomfort, and suffering 

  • Emotional distress 

  • Emotional or mental trauma 

  • Punitive or exemplary damages as an added punishment to the at-fault party 

Navigating the personal injury claims process can be complex, which is why having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side is essential. An experienced attorney can guide you through the personal injury claims process and help you recover fair financial compensation to cover your injuries, damages, or losses. 

How Legal Counsel Can Help

Getting injured in any form of accident can be unsettling and can affect you physically, emotionally, and financially. Nonetheless, you don't have to suffer the pain and financial liability all alone. Therefore, when involved in an accident, you should act fast and hire a highly-skilled personal injury attorney to protect your rights and help you pursue financial compensation. 

Using my in-depth understanding of the law, I can walk you through the intricate procedures involved in filing claims and recovering damages. Above all, I will fight relentlessly on your side and help you seek the financial justice you're entitled to. 

Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles, California

If you need reliable guidance filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit after a negligent accident or injury, call me at Antaramian Law, APC today to schedule a simple case assessment. I can offer you the experienced legal counsel and vigorous representation you need in your claims. My firm proudly serves clients across Los Angeles, California, and throughout Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Kern counties.

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