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Sad injured man after car accident
Antaramian Law, APC July 27, 2023

The Importance of Seeking Medical HELP After an Accident

According to the Annual Report of Fatal and Injury Motor Vehicle Traffic Collisions, there were 187,211 total injury crashes in California in 2019. Getting hurt in a traffic crash can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. The accident may result in various injuries, including whiplash, concussion, bruises, knee trauma, cuts, fractures, and internal bleeding. However, regardless of the nature and severity of your injuries, or even if you came out unscratched, seeking prompt medical treatment is imperative for both personal and legal purposes. 

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I've devoted my career to offering outstanding legal services and representing clients in their accident cases. When you choose to work with Antaramian Law, APC, I can enlighten you about the benefits of seeking medical attention after an accident and explore your options to pursue damages. My firm proudly serves clients throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Kern, counties. 

Common Injuries After an Accident 

What you do after the accident can play a significant role when pursuing your injury claims. No matter what, it’s very important that you make your health and safety a priority. There are a variety of injuries that you may sustain after a car accident, and they range from minor to severe. The following only scratches the surface:  

  • whiplash 

  • head injuries 

  • scrapes and cuts 

  • back or neck injuries 

  • soft tissue injuries 

  • arm and leg injuries 

  • knee trauma 

  • broken ribs 

  • chest injuries 

  • concussions 

  • broken arms, shoulders, legs, and hips 

  • disfigurement 

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

  • internal bleeding 

  • bruising 

  • herniated discs 

  • traumatic brain injuries 

Whether your injuries are minor or severe, you should seek prompt medical help after your accident.  

Reasons to Seek Immediate Medical Attention  

Many accident victims often delay or fail to get medical treatment because they feel fine or believe they only suffered moderate injuries. However, this is a common mistake that should be avoided. Regardless of how you feel after a traffic crash, it’s vital to visit your physician for medical exams, diagnosis, and treatments. Below are some important reasons to seek medical attention immediately after a traffic accident:  

For Your Health and Safety  

After an accident, your health, general well-being, and safety should be your primary concern. Even if you came out unscratched or only suffered mild injuries, getting immediate medical treatment from a qualified doctor is imperative. 

At times, your injuries, pain, and symptoms may be delayed and might take some days or weeks to fully manifest. However, the earlier you receive medical treatment, the faster the doctor can identify hidden injuries, offer you adequate treatment, and you can start recovering. 

For Proper Documentation of Your Injuries  

Furthermore, you need to receive immediate medical help for proper documentation of your injuries. Medical reports, doctor's appointments, clinical exams, physiotherapy, and other health documents can record the nature and extent of your injuries, as well as the medical treatments received. Essentially, you will need these medical reports and documentation when filing your injury claim. 

To Comply With Insurance Requirements  

Also, many insurance providers in California have policies that require accident victims to seek medical help in order to seek damages. As a result, getting medical attention immediately after a traffic crash is imperative to remain compliant with insurance requirements. 

To Avoid Potential Issues with the Insurer  

Lastly, the insurer might use your decision to delay or avoid seeking medical treatment as evidence that you didn't sustain any injury, your injuries were blown up, or occurred from an unrelated incident. Unfortunately, the insurer may reference this to undervalue or completely deny your insurance claims.  

Following Through With the Treatment Plan  

Additionally, when you receive adequate medical attention, it is crucial that you follow through with your treatment recommendations. Your doctor may create a custom treatment plan for you – including regular checkups, prescription medications, physical therapy, or other healthcare procedures. If you follow through with the plan, you can recover faster. This will also help when pursuing your financial compensation. 

For instance, if you fail to take your medications, the insurer can argue that you're nonchalant about your health. Hence, they may refuse to cover the medications and treatment costs you need to recover. Also, the insurance carrier might argue that your condition deteriorated because you failed to follow your treatment plan. This may be used to deny or undervalue your injury claims. Hence, adhere to your treatment plan and check in with your medical and legal team regularly.  

Your Best Interests Are My Top Priority 

Being involved in a traffic collision can be an unsettling experience. Whether you were injured or not, getting adequate medical treatment is crucial for your health, safety, medical documentation, insurance, and legal purposes. At Antaramian Law, APC I'm dedicated to offering compassionate representation and skilled legal guidance to clients in their accident claims. 

As your attorney, I will fight vigorously for your rights and help you pursue your rightful financial compensation. Having me on your side can make a huge difference in your personal injury claims. 

Contact me at Antaramian Law, APC today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a seasoned car accident attorney. I can guide you through the complex legal procedures involved in getting medical help, filing claims, and seeking damages. My firm proudly serves clients across Los Angeles, California, and in other communities throughout southern California in counties including Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Kern. 


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